Bike Repair Rooms, New Amenity Trend Nov21

Bike Repair Rooms, New Amenity Trend

Every once in awhile an amenity will come along that truly captures your lifestyle and is a fine example of inspired living.

Trader Joe’s is Coming to Denver and Boulder

The recent announcement of the planned openings of not one— but two Trader Joe’s locations in Colorado has lead to the generation of quite a bit of excitement among residents.

Art Walk on Santa Fe

September is winding down, which means that Santa Fe First Friday’s Art Walk is only a week away.

What is Modern?

What is Modern?
It can encompass elements of the past, present and future simultaneously. It can express simplicity or complexity.

Congratulations Mia on Winning our MOD Photo Contest...

Milehimodern would like to congratulate Mia on winning our MOD photo contest! Her entry depicted a colorful carriage horse in an amusement park in Sacramento.